Alliance Energy specializes in all aspects of the energy industry; from electric power generation and marketing, to mergers and acquisitions, to the exploration, production and transportation of natural gas, to research and development activities into other emerging markets.

As custodians of our planet, we must think globally, but act locally. Alliance continuously strives toward becoming a 100% green energy company. Whether it is through the conversion of existing power plants to cleaner fuels, rehabilitating three different hydro-electric facilities located along the Mongaup River, or by adding to our renewable energy portfolio through new research and development efforts, we believe in the future of these technologies.



Future Expansions

Alliance is planning to build battery storage facilities in New York, California, and Colorado. California is taking the lead in finding new sources of clean energy and encouraging energy storage deployment, and with the introduction of our renewable energy affiliate Clarion Energy, we stand ready to assist in that endeavor. Read more about Alliance’s commitment to the research and development of sustainable, renewable energy resources at Energy Research.

Modernizing Three Power Plants

We are in the process of modernizing three of our power plants in New York and Colorado as part of a continuous effort to improve the efficiency and lower the emissions at our facilities. We are adding some "green" with utility storage batteries and solar at Hillburn, Shoemaker, and Greeley, and repowering Hillburn and Shoemaker with GE LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines using zero sulfur clean burning natural gas.