At Alliance Energy, we believe treating earth's resources with respect is critical. We continuously work to minimize our impact on air and water quality, sensitive habitats, and natural resources.

We are actively working on the development of commercial scale solar installations at strategic locations throughout the United States. Currently, we are working on sites in California and Colorado with our renewable energy affiliate Clarion Energy.

Alliance has a proven track record of developing renewable technologies, including its rehabilitation of a group of three different hydro-electric facilities located along the Mongaup River in New York State.  Plants include the 11.75-MW Swinging Bridge (No. 10482), 4-MW Mongaup (No. 10481), and 10-MW Rio (No. 9690) hydro projects and natural gas-fired plants totaling 95 MWs. The facilities required significant upgrades and improvements. Alliance successfully restored the safety compliance of the dams and the electric production at all of the facilities.  Read more below about the challenges and successful conclusion of the repair of the Swinging Bridge Reservoir -- 55 days ahead of the deadline set by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Alliance Aims to Fill Reservoir

MONGAUP VALLEY - Its purchase of Mirant NY-Gen's properties isn't complete yet, but Alliance Energy Renewables has promised to refill the Swinging Bridge Reservoir "to the levels prior to the dam repair." That comes with three caveats that it is safe to do so, that Mirant itself won't have already completed the refill, and that Mother Nature ultimately determines the reservoir's level. "Alliance recognizes the critical recreational and economic value of the reservoir to the community," explained Alliance spokesperson Jane Rubinstein.

Swinging Bridge Reservoir To Reopen This Weekend

It's taken more than two years, but starting Saturday people will once again be allowed to boat and swim in the Swinging Bridge Reservoir in Mongaup Valley. The announcement comes from Alliance Energy, which bought the reservoir, dam and its hydroelectric plant in May from Mirant. The nine-mile-long reservoir is the largest lake in Sullivan County, aside from the New York City reservoirs, and it's one of two motorboat lakes in the county.

Reservoir Finally Reopened

MONGAUP VALLEY - Two years of drained water, resources and hopes ended triumphantly on Saturday, when Alliance Energy Renewables reopened public access to the Swinging Bridge Reservoir. Sullivan County's largest public boating lake had been closed since May 2005 while engineers repaired a large sinkhole in the reservoir's dam. In the interim, Alliance bought the property from a bankrupt Mirant (plus the Toronto, Mongaup Falls and Rio reservoirs) and set about accelerating the timetable.

Alliance has successfully tested biofuels at multiple sites. In 2006, the Ogdensburg Power Plant was selected to participate in a trial program to study the viability of using biodiesel, a 100% renewable energy biofuel, to produce electricity and steam. During the test, Alliance utilized 250,000 gallons of biodiesel in one of its operating units - at the time it was the largest amount of biofuel consumed in a fossil fuel generating plant in the United States.

Alliance Energy continues to plan for expansion in renewable and sustainable energy opportunities throughout the northeastern United States.

As the world works to develop cleaner fuel sources, world demand has not slowed and alternative energy will need a bridge to the future.  Today utility scale batteries provide an important conservation & management solution for conventional & renewable resources.  This is why Alliance is building battery farms in New York, California and Colorado.